Relaxation zone

Relaxation zone

Relaxation here goes hand in hand with health. In this peaceful oasis you will be able to experience blissful moments of relaxation that will have a positive effect on your physical condition and your state of mind. Come and visit the relaxation zone in the Grand Sal**** Hotel.

Massage parlour Massage parlour
Massage parlour

Massage soothes and relieves tension, greatly improving well-being. It leads to a state of deep relaxation, which allows you to calm your senses. It is also a great way to rest, relaxing your tired muscles and allowing you to gather natural energy for everyday life.

Find a moment for yourself and take advantage of our offer. Your body will be thankful for that!


Dry sauna Dry sauna
Dry sauna

A dry sauna is a real hot therapy for the spirit and the body. A few minutes is enough to charge up with positive energy for the rest of the day. The temperature of 60 to 90°C and low humidity of 10 to 15% can reduce tension caused by stress and eliminate the effects of overtiredness even during a brief session.

Regular visits to a dry sauna improve your endurance, circulation and help with excretion of toxins. Dry sauna is also conducive to weight loss. One visit allows you to burn even up to 300 calories. We warmly invite you to try it!

The sauna is included in the price of the room

Relaxation Zone Etiquette

The Relaxation Zone is a place where guests seek to unwind, improve their health and well-being. Therefore, having in mind that you would most certainly like to feel at home at our hotel, safe and sound, we have set certain savoir-vivre standards. We would very much like each of our guests visiting the Relaxation Zone to feel confident and at ease.




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