Other ideas for the night

Other ideas for the night

The exceptional atmosphere of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine every year accompanies millions of tourists from all over the world. Having in mind our guests we decided to transfer this unique atmosphere to the “Salt Mill” Guest Rooms, and create a place within the depths of the Earth, “Stajnia Gor Wschodnich” (Eastern Mountains’ Stable) which thanks to its natural healing properties also cares for your health and well-being.

The “Salt Mill” Guest Rooms are part of the Grand Sal**** Hotel offer. You can book your rooms by just calling the hotel reception.

“Salt Mill” Guest Rooms – adjacent to the Grand Sal****Hotel


The adapted former building of the salt mill serves well those who seek a good night’s rest in a quiet and peaceful surrounding. The “Salt Mill " Guest Rooms offer 14 comfortable rooms with bathrooms, a leisure room with a library where, apart from books, you will find playing cards, chess and board games for the youngest.

“Salt Mill” Guest Rooms furnishing

  • TV
  • Free-of-charge wireless Internet
    Free-of-charge wireless Internet
  • Refrigerator
  • CLINIC anti-allergy bed sheets
    CLINIC anti-allergy bed sheets
  • Kettle
  • VENUS rehabilitation mattress - adapts to your body shape
    VENUS rehabilitation mattress - adapts to your body shape
  • Towels

The “Salt Mill " Guest Rooms are a perfect place for both your family and friends. We also offer the possibility of organising small meetings and training sessions including accommodation for the participants of such events. The meeting room can be arranged depending on the event and number of invited guests.

  • 16 persons

Conference layout (U-shape)

  • 35 persons

Theatre layout

Additional information

  • Single, double, triple and quadruple rooms
    Single, double, triple and quadruple rooms
  • Free-of-charge Wi-Fi
    Free-of-charge Wi-Fi
  • Certificate for allergy-friendly products and services.
    Certificate for allergy-friendly products and services.

Eastern Mountains’ Stable Chamber – 135 meters underground in the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

In the 20th century horses still worked and lived within the underground excavations of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine. Today the underground stables that once were their living place now belong to the Health Resort which patients and tourists from the furthest regions of the world visit and stay in overnight. The microclimate of the saline excavations rich with mineral elements and free of allergens and pollutants facilitates the regeneration process and strengthens the whole body during sleep. The astounding silence of the chamber soothes the mind bringing your body to a state of deep relaxation. The therapeutic properties of the underground chamber are especially recommended for persons suffering from respiratory disorders.

Guests visiting the “Stajnia Gor Wschodnich” Chamber can also take advantage of a graduation tower. All kinds of gym equipment has been installed in the neighbouring chambers for those guests who value active recreation, such as cross trainers, stationary bicycles and treadmills. Toilets and showers are also available in the immediate proximity.

Information and reservation

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